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02/20/16 Event: WALK-IN REGISTRATION AT GAUDET GYM 2:00PM Gaudet Gym  
03/19/16 Event: MBR REGISTRATION ENDS 11:00PM  
03/20/16 Event: Babe Ruth Tryouts @ GAUDET SCHOOL 11:00AM Gaudet School  
03/20/16 Event: Team Assembly Mtg. 1:15PM Gaudet Gym  
04/7/16 Event: Batting Practice 4/7 Cancelled! 5:00PM Berkeley Peckham Field Batting Cage  
04/14/16 Event: All-Teams Practice 5:00PM Berkeley Peckham Field  
04/16/16 Event: MBR Tournament ALL TEAMS 11:00AM Berkeley Peckham Field  
06/13/16 Event: Playoffs Start 10:00AM  
06/24/16 Event: Playoffs End 1:00PM Cardines Field and Berkeley Peckham  
06/27/16 Event: All Star Practices Begin 1:00PM  
07/9/16 Event: All Star Games Begin 1:00PM  
08/20/16 Event: Big Field Transition Skills clinic 11:00AM Berkeley Peckham  
08/20/16 Event: Skills Clinic 11:00AM Berkeley Peckham Field  
08/27/16 Event: Middletown Teams pre season scrimmage 11:00AM Berkeley Peckham  
08/30/16 Event: Fall Ball Online Registration AUG 1 to Aug 31 11:00AM  
08/31/16 Event: Last Day for Fall Ball Signups 8:00AM  
09/3/16 Event: Players Scrimmage 11:00AM Berkeley Peckham  
09/10/16 Event: Fall Opener 10:00PM Cardines Field  
10/30/16 Event: Fall Ball Practice Thursday Nights Thru 10/30 5:30PM Berkeley Peckham  
10/31/16 Event: MBR RED vs BLUE Season Finale 11:30AM Berkeley Peckham Field  
01/11/17 Event: BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING 6:30PM Hampton Inn  
02/1/17 Event: ONLINE REGISTRATION OPENS FEB 1st 11:00PM MBR Website  
03/6/17 Event: Pre-Season Hitting 6:00PM ITZ  
03/13/17 Event: Pre-Season Hitting 6:00PM ITZ  
03/20/17 Event: Pre-Season Hitting 6:00PM ITZ  
03/27/17 Event: Pre-Season Hitting 6:00PM ITZ  
04/30/17 Event: Opening Day 9:00AM Cardines Field and Berkeley Peckham  
04/30/17 Knights of Columbus(10) @ East Coast Construction(3) 3:00PM Cardines
04/30/17 Mello Construction(7) @ FOP/Horans(9) 5:15PM Cardines
05/4/17 FOP/Horans(5) @ East Coast Construction(4) 5:15PM Cardines
05/6/17 East Coast Construction @ Mello Construction 10:15AM Berkeley Peckham Cancelled
05/6/17 Knights of Columbus(8) @ Horan(5) 12:30PM Berkeley Peckham
05/8/17 Mello Construction(6) @ Knights of Columbus(5) 5:15PM Berkeley Peckham
05/9/17 North End Pizza(2) @ Horan(12) 5:15PM Berkeley Peckham
05/10/17 East Coast Construction @ O'Briens\R&R 5:15PM Cardines
05/13/17 Knights of Columbus(5) @ FOP/Horans(6) 10:00AM Berkeley Peckham
05/13/17 O'Briens\R&R(4) @ Mello Construction(12) 10:15AM Berkeley Peckham
05/13/17 Horan(0) @ East Coast Construction(4) 3:00PM Berkeley Peckham
05/16/17 Mello Construction(13) @ R&R - Portsmouth(7) 5:15PM Berkeley Peckham
05/17/17 FW&S(0) @ Knights of Columbus(14) 5:15PM Seveney
05/17/17 North End Pizza(7) @ Horan(15) 5:15PM Berkeley Peckham
05/18/17 Knights of Columbus(8) @ FOP/Horans(9) 5:15PM Cardines
05/19/17 Grandy Masonry(6) @ East Coast Construction(19) 5:15PM Berkeley Peckham
05/21/17 Knights of Columbus(4) @ Grandy Masonry(7) 12:30PM Cardines
05/21/17 East Coast Construction(11) @ A1 Paving(0) 12:30PM Seveney
05/21/17 Mello Construction(12) @ North End Pizza(6) 5:15PM Berkeley Peckham
05/25/17 Knights of Columbus(10) @ A1 Paving(6) 5:15PM Berkeley Peckham
05/26/17 North End Pizza(3) @ Knights of Columbus(2) 10:00AM Seveney
05/27/17 North End Pizza(0) @ East Coast Construction(10) 12:30PM Seveney Cancelled
05/27/17 Horan(1) @ Mello Construction(11) 12:30PM Berkeley Peckham
05/28/17 Mello Construction(6) @ A1 Paving(1) 12:30PM Seveney
05/28/17 R&R - Portsmouth(2) @ Horan(12) 5:15PM Berkeley Peckham
05/30/17 Mello Construction(2) @ R&R - Portsmouth(6) 5:15PM Berkeley Peckham
06/1/17 East Coast Construction(13) @ FW&S(0) 5:15PM Seveney
06/1/17 Horan(4) @ A1 Paving(11) 5:15PM Berkeley Peckham
06/2/17 R&R - Portsmouth(3) @ Knights of Columbus(13) 5:15PM Berkeley Peckham
06/2/17 Grandy Masonry(5) @ Mello Construction(7) 5:15PM Seveney
06/4/17 East Coast Construction(14) @ R&R - Portsmouth(1) 10:00AM Seveney
06/4/17 FW&S(2) @ Mello Construction(5) 5:15PM Berkeley Peckham
06/4/17 Horan(5) @ Grandy Masonry(6) 5:15PM Berkeley Peckham
06/6/17 Mello Construction @ FOP/Horans 5:15PM Cardines
06/7/17 Knights of Columbus(13) @ East Coast Construction(2) 5:15PM Berkeley Peckham
06/8/17 Grandy Masonry(1) @ East Coast Construction(3) 5:30PM Seveney
06/9/17 Horan(2) @ East Coast Construction(6) 5:15PM Berkeley Peckham
06/10/17 Horan(1) @ Mello Construction(11) 12:30AM Berkeley Peckham
06/10/17 O'Briens\R&R(7) @ Mello Construction(17) 10:00AM Berkeley Peckham
06/11/17 East Coast Construction(5) @ Mello Construction(6) 12:30PM Cardines
06/11/17 Knights of Columbus(6) @ Horan(2) 3:00PM Cardines
06/12/17 FW&S(9) @ Horan(10) 5:15PM Berkeley Peckham
06/13/17 East Coast Construction(13) @ O'Briens\R&R(2) 5:15PM Cardines
06/14/17 Mello Construction(1) @ Knights of Columbus(6) 5:15PM Berkeley Peckham
06/16/17 FW&S @ Knights of Columbus 5:15PM Berkeley Peckham
06/17/17 Practice: East Coast Construction 3:00PMBerkeley Peckham 
06/27/17 Practice: East Coast Construction 5:00PMBerkeley Peckham 

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